Classic Menu for Office 2007

Classic Menu for Office 2007

It brings classic menus to Office 2007 from 2003 version
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Classic Menu for Office 2007 is a great utility to transition from one MS Office version to another. It integrates as an add-in which displays the classic MS Office 2003 Menus (File, Edit, View, etc.) to help users find their way through the new ribbon interface in Office 2007. Not only this, but it also enables the old keyboard shortcuts and supports over 10 languages besides English.
This utility is great because all commands and options have been re-arranged in Office 2007 and as a new user and not used to the distinct arrangement it will result in spending time trying to find what you need. This can be a permanent solution or be left as temporary, while users learn the new tricks of newer MS Office versions; but either way it turns to be handy to access settings and options just as easy as before.
This version allows choosing which Microsoft Office applications it will be installed on, plus it keeps the default ribbon interface and the classic menu is added as an extra tab. In addition, it can now be set to automatically deploy the Classic Menu to multiple computers over a network and can select which users will be able to see the classic menu or not.
Another new feature is enabling or disabling the traditional shortcuts with Alt+Q, to use MS Office 2003 shortcuts or the original ones from Office 2007. Administrators can configure whether to Enable/Disable Classic Menus for all users on a computer.
Definitively worth buying to save time while getting used to the new ribbon interface. Plus the company offers discounts if in the future the customer wants to upgrade to Classic Menu for Office 2010.

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